There are countless students who are eager to pursue the fashion industry despite the lack of support that many creative arts paths receive.

The fashion industry can be difficult to break into, but fashion designers can make lucrative wages averaging $75,810 per year. Additionally, those interested in fashion can engage with the field through other sectors, such as business, marketing, tech, or even the legal field, providing many opportunities related to fashion.

In April of 2022, we launched the Caliber X Scholarship fund to support students in NJ who plan to spend their careers navigating the fashion industry. Any high school junior or senior in New Jersey who has at least a 3.0 GPA and is pursuing a career in the fashion industry, such as through design, law, or business, may apply for this scholarship. Caliber X Scholarship for 2022 is currently closed. Donations to our fund are accepted on an ongoing basis. 




Diorinna Lucariello
LIM College, New York City

"I am entering the field of fashion design with the end goal of having my own boutique filled with my original designs. I have always been creative as a child, painting on my walls and filling notebooks with drawings. I experimented with all art forms, writing, painting, drawing, graphic design, even pottery. But fashion design has stuck with me and proved to not just be a hobby. It is a passion that I am eager to turn into a career. I took up sewing my freshman year of high school and have grown incredibly as a designer. Over quarantine during the pandemic, with all my free time I began to sew clothes I designed and ran a small business selling them.

By becoming a fashion designer, I hope to create something people haven't seen before. While every upcoming designer says this, I have devoted years perfecting my craft and believe I have something to offer for the world when it comes to fashion. I love history and reading, I love making meaningful art that can ignite insightful and philosophical conversations about religion, the human psyche, love, and mental health. And I want my clothes to provoke thought by others. I want my clothes to not only be beautifully crafted and pleasing to the eye, but I want layers of symbolism and motifs to be present and can be studied and interpreted by the person wearing them. I am writing half the story through my clothes, and it is up to the wearer to continue and finish that story.

I am eager to start my journey as a designer, and even more eager to show the world what I have to offer."